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Dear user of Tokenizer platform!

We welcome each and everyone to the most robust crypto platform for passive income earners!

Today is just a small birthday of our platform - Tokenizer is celebrating 2 months since its launch.

It's not a big event, but we would like to have everyone think for a minute how much work has been put into this project and what is awaiting ahead as we move into our 3rd month.

We started off at the end of April with a small team of dedicated people who had a vision for a new crypto project that would act as a medium between crypto community and startups holding token generation events and allowing users to earn steadily despite of the price fluctuations.

We anticipated that the road to success would not be easy, but the obstacles we had to overcome in our work turned out to be much bigger.

We are proud to be where we are today, but our ambitions are greater than that - we are working on a detailed roadmap to show our users where Tokenizer is moving to within the next 6-12 months.

We want to build the community around Tokenizer that would help enhance the understanding of what we're doing and sharing it with others - educating other people about crypto and the way it can be used in their life to empower and enrich them.

We are doing a lot to make Tokenizer a known brand in the crypto space, but in reality it's not possible without an active involvement from our users who can share their experience and confidence of how Tokenizer can change their life. You can share your experience of using the platform by posting on any social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Steemit and many others. We encourage you to share it with others and we promise that this will pay back.

We're searching for good writers/editors who can write good articles and reviews and post them in crypto related media. We will have a special incentive for these users as we believe any work needs to be rewarded. If you're a professional writer and you have an account in one of the crypto related sites, we encourage you to write a review of Tokenizer and submit it to our support@tokenizer.biz e-mail with a subject "Tokenizer review". Please, don't post it until our team had a chance to approve it.

We hope that you stay positive throughout this bear market that we have been in since December. We believe that there are many good things awaiting ahead and it will prove that investing during these times can also yield great results as the market will eventually rebound and your profits will be cemented.

We will keep moving forward and building the platform to meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

Have a great week ahead and keep supporting Tokenizer via your social accounts.

P.S. here's a new landing page which has been recently created by our team.

Feel free to share it with your online friends.

Thanks for being part of the Tokenizer movement.

Have a good week,

Tokenizer team

With best regards
Tokenizer team

Jul-2-2018 07:41:33 AM